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‘Tis Easter Again

Ring them bells. ‘Tis Easter again. 


The three gray wooden steps leading up to the porch bow like a repentant prodigal. A little child bounding up them could get hurt. Their body broken for You as easy as from a cancer in the bones. The metal-hinged doors wear a fresh coat of red paint, newly atoned by Jesus’ blood.  


Diamond-shaped windows, sincere evangelists, invite the sunlight to shine through ‘em. A ribbon of golden light hits the floor of the empty sanctuary. A voiceless choir incarnates dust mites and flitters down the spotlight. Years of communion—His body broken for us—weddings, funerals, and altar calls, they all leave a crease down the center aisle, mimicking the crack of an open King James.  


I hear you singin’ “It Is Well With My Soul,” standing tall over there on the left side of the altar facing the redemption red doors, like on that Easter, the one before yer last, that quiverin’ tenor voice causing tears to trickle from the eyes of sinners and saints. Hope bathed your face, your gospel smile. Radiant as Christ on the cross. His body broken for me.  


The Lord and I. Me and God. We both done lost our only sons.  


Ring them bells. ‘Tis Easter again. 

-The Shorter Things Collection



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