Scary Story Time: “Dearest Laura” by D. Marie Prokop feat. Pink Spooky


Houston Authors Bash 2015 Recap


This was my first book signing event EVER. It was fairly painless. I ordered books, mod-podged clipboards with origami paper, created sign-up sheets for my newsletter, and even ordered special candy (the White Rabbit Creamy Candies mentioned in The Baiji).

It was fun!

I met so many like-minded crazy people (writers). And my friends came out to support me. I even sold a book to a stranger.

This is how that went down–

“Hey- YOU’RE a kid! Do you like dolphins?” (Writers no talk so good.)

There were over 100 authors at the bash. I discovered that book signings are good for networking, though I was the odd-genre out. A wide variety of genres were represented. But only three children’s authors attended. There were a decent representation of Sci-Fi folks, a gaggle of Memoirists, a flight of Fantasy scribes, an overflow of Romance writers, and a some Mystery buffs. I did discover a whole new genre, the “Multiple Personalities Paranormal” genre. You know, the vampire/werewolf or the vampire/werewolf/angel or the vampire/werewolf/zombie or the vampire/unicorn/alien stories…

The Houston Writers Guild and RT Book Reviews Magazine attended. I bought the HWG collection of sci-fi stories called Tides of Possibility. An old acquaintance from my first NaNoWriMo writing group, Mandy Broughton, is one of the contributors. She is also a contributor for the WordPress blog, Space City Scribes. Check it out!


Some of my favorite authors at the Bash were seated close by. Sandra Biersdorfer wrote an adorable children’s book called Nana’s Banana. J. L. Clark’s beautiful covers for her YA series, The Avalon Relics, were boldly displayed on standalone banner. Author Dorothy Tinker had an embroidered quilt and an animatronic dragon to decorate with, creatively representing her YA Fantasy series. I was honored to meet these lovely and interesting authors. Dorothy Tinker will be having a book launch (and medieval costume contest) at Writespace, here in Houston on Saturday, March 7 @7pm. Check that out too!

You Can Do The Thing: And It Starts With This One Phrase

J.S. Park

You can really do the thing. You can really achieve the dream and pursue your goal and make progress and find recovery.

But it has to start with one thing.

It has to begin with letting go of the old things.

There’s an ancient Greek word, ouketi, which means, “No longer.” The word is often used as, “I’m no longer who I was before.” It’s a sweeping decision to move forward into something new. It starts with knowing you cannot live as you were.

A focused person naturally turns down the volume on distractions. When you have a goal, you find out what’s most important. Priorities are prioritized; the things that don’t matter get dimmer and less attractive; there is intentional movement.

A big vision always begins with a singular, passionate, pin-point accuracy that requires closing the door behind you. Nothing good was ever achieved by looking forward and backward at…

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Please proceed to step out of the woods.

Writers often get into ruts and this is a great reminder to not stay in them.

hannah brencher.


You are more than the things you tell yourself on repeat. 

My god, you have no idea how badly I want to believe in those words. I want to say them on repeat. I want to grab people in public places and just shake them real good while those words shoot out of my mouth like promises I know I can keep.

You are more than the things you tell yourself on repeat. 

I wrote them in my palm. I kept opening and closing up my hand just so I could see those words, suck them in, believing for longer than a second that the words are true. They’re written in ink. I never want to stop reading them. I keep thinking they’ll act like a cloak that hangs over my shoulders and keeps me protected from the doubt and the insecurity that try to come crawling beneath my…

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Double Connection Knot: Story and Tutorial

Research and inspiration for my Nanowrimo project, The Red Knot. =)


Double Connection Knot

Double Connection Knot consists of two simple flat knots intertwining with each other.

It symbolizes forever love.

When I was young, I could not understand why this simple knot could be a love symbol. It is just…too simple, nothing fancy nor fabulous. But now I admire my ancestors. They truly understood love. Two simple knots create a tough knot that is hard to untie. Simple as they are, they show great strength when they come together. Isn’t it just like love? Ordinary people live their simple life and fight for any adversity with their love for each other.

That is the strength of love. Not fancy but hard to break.

Here is how you can make a Double Connection Knot:

1. Make a simple flat knot with the red cord around the yellow cord.

2. Make another simple flat knot with the yellow cord around the red cord.

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Here is my interview with D. Marie Prokop

Thanks, Miss Fiona, for taking the time to interview me!



Name- D. Marie Prokop

Age- 39

Where are you from-

I’m originally from historic (or pre-historic, if you can still read the faded spray paint) Mercersburg, Pa. (the birthplace of James Buchanan- the only President from Pa.) I’ve also lived in Arkansas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. But I have lived in Texas for the past 13 years. (Longview and Houston)

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc –

I am a middle child. My two brothers are artistic also. My older brother writes science fiction and fantasy as a hobby, and has a condition similar to Asperger’s. My younger brother is the visual artist and has a degree in Art from Penn State. I was the musical one and decided to go to John Brown University, a Christian college, for Music Education. I moved to Lincoln, Ne. after two years at JBU and dropped out of college…

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The Eerie Side of China

During my research for The Baiji, I was saddened by this same truth. The Chinese River Dolphin is extinct now. Cancer villages are appearing all along the Yangtze. So sad.


As much as I loved visiting China two year ago, there is one thing about China that still drove me mad. The horrifying, dense layer of suffocating pollution that cripples most of the major Chinese cities.

China continues to have a major problem with pollution and not only does it look horrible it is bad for its people. Per a recent report in the New York Times,  “Outdoor air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in China in 2010, nearly 40 percent of the global total, according to a new summary of data from a scientific study on leading causes of death worldwide.

We went to Beijing and Shanghai in November of 2011 and sadly all of my photos of the glorious landmarks such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and the skyline of Shanghai are cast in an ugly, eerie haze of pollution. I don’t remember…

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